Pranayama Course
April 7 - April 15, 2018

Ayurveda Wellness Consultation with Jesus Caballero. Contact us to set an appointment.

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Every other Saturday @ 8:30 am
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Prenatal Yoga
Resuming soon. We're looking for a Prenatal Yoga teacher. If interested, please contact us.

Community Yoga Class
Donation-based Yoga class on the first Sunday of each month at 9:30 am

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "pranoga"?

"Prana" in Sanskrit is the lifeforce within each of us. Prana flows through our bodies in Nadis, or meridians. Pranayama or yogic breathing exercises are used to regulate the prana. When prana is combined with Yoga, we get prañoga. For the sake of ease and website use, we chose to keep it simple and named ourselves pranoga. Consider pranoga as "Yoga with emphasis on the prana."

Do I need to be in good shape and flexible to practice Yoga?

This is probably the number one question on everyone's mind. It is also the biggest misconception that people have to be in good shape and flexible to practice Yoga. Yoga is essentially for everyone. There are certain medical conditions that prevent the practice of Yoga. Otherwise, anyone can practice Yoga, regardless of your condition or gender (we might add!). In fact, Yoga makes you more flexible over time. It also aids in weight loss. Although not directly, but Yoga helps to regulate the internal functions of the body, which in turn aid in the weight loss. Give it a try and you will be amazed at how Yoga impacts your health and well being in a very subtle way.

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What can I expect from a typical Yoga class?

We offer beginner Yoga classes as well as those for intermediate students. You will learn the 5 Major Principles of Yoga including the various physical postures or Yoga Asanas. We also incorporate Pranayama in some of our classes. Each class will be different based on the level and each teacher has their own style. You may then take your practice deeper levels with our Pranayama and Meditation courses.

What are the 5 major principles of Yoga?

The 5 major principles of Yoga are:

  1. Proper Exercise (Asanas)
  2. Proper Breathing (Pranayama)
  3. Proper Relaxation (Savasana)
  4. Proper Diet (Vegetarian)
  5. Positive Thinking and Meditation (Dhyana)

What about Diet and Meditation?

As mentioned above, we cover the first three major principles in our classes. We also encourage students to follow a vegetarian diet. However, that is not required. If students wish to migrate towards a vegetarian diet, we recommend that it is done gradually. We do emphasize positive thinking and positive attitude during our classes. Meditation instruction is provided as a separate course. However, we offer guided meditation sessions every other Saturday, which is free and open to the public. We also have workshops and courses for helping students with specific asanas, advanced pranayama techniques, and kriya (or body cleansing techniques).

What type(s) of Yoga do you teach?

We offer a perfect blend of modern to classical styles of Yoga. You are free to choose which classes suit you best. Our teachers are trained under various styles and bring their own style into their teachings. We currently offer Beginner Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Core Strength, Hatha Flow, and Hatha Yoga (in the Sivananda style). In addition to our regular Yoga classes, we also offer Pranayama (breathing exercise) classes that are very unique to our studio, and free guided meditation open to the public.

What do I need to bring to class?

See the section What to Bring

Where can I purchase a Yoga mat?

If your are going to practice Yoga regularly, we highly recommend investing in a quality Yoga mat. You may find some at our Pranoga Store. Otherwise, you may pick up affordable Yoga mats at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walgreens, Walmart or Sports Authority.  Look for a mat that has a good grip in order to avoid slipping, and one that has enough thickness to protect your knees during class.

What are the eight limbs of Yoga?

The Eight Limbs (Ashtanga) or Eight Stages of Yoga are:

  1. Yama (ethical standards, restraints)
  2. Niyama (self discipline and spiritual observances)
  3. Asana (postures)
  4. Pranayama (breath regulation and control)
  5. Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses)
  6. Dharana (concentration)
  7. Dhyana (meditation)
  8. Samadhi (super-conscious, blissful state, being one with the Universe)

In the old days, an aspirant had to prove worthiness in each stage before proceeding to the next stage. It makes logical sense because mastering each stage helps ensure success in the following stages. Unfortunately, Yoga in the modern world has been predominantly reduced to just practicing the Asanas. Even that has taken on so many different styles to accommodate the modern lifestyle.

If you're truly interested in a proper and complete Yoga practice, explore all aspects of Yoga and reach your highest potential!

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