Headstand Workshop

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If you've ever been afraid of trying Sirsasana or the headstand, here is your opportunity! You will learn the proper technique of performing a headstand in various stages. Jumping into a headstand is definitely not the way to go! Performing the headstand in various stages not only ensures that you will master the technique, but will also prevent any injuries. Build self-confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment.


The headstand is known as the "king of all asanas." It is believed that if you master the headstand, you master space and time! The benefits of doing a proper headstand are immense. First, this is probably the only posture one can hold in order to give the heart much needed rest.

If you already have a practice of the headstand, you will learn variations while holding the headstand. If you're comfortable doing those, you may then attempt Vrschikasana or the Scorpion posture.

After the workshop, you will receive a CD with the following:

  • Video file with demonstration of proper technique
  • Document with instructions and benefits
  • An electronic Certficate of Participation
  • Even a video recording of your session!

CAUTION: The headstand may not be practised if you have any one of the following:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Glaucoma, Detached Retina or recent eye surgery
  • Four or more months pregnant
  • Recent neck injury
  • Severe blocked nose, headache, or in the midst of an asthmatic attack

As always, if you're not sure, please check with your physician before participating in the workshop.

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